KMP Compatible Toners: Guarantee

KMP Worry-free Quality


The KMP quality committment is very easy:

  • KMP products are perfectly suited to your printer.
  • KMP products do not cause any damage, premature wear or deterioration in the condition of your equipment.
  • KMP products do not affect the statutory warranty on your printer in any way.
  • KMP products, which do not meet expectations, will be replaced or the full purchase price will be refunded.
  • KMP are also liable in the unlikely case that the proper use of a KMP product causes any damage to the printer (product liability).

36 MONTHS QUALITY GUARANTEE on KMP toner and ink cartridges,

If you want to claim on the warranty, please contact Acehoba Ltd on +350 200 40157 or call the KMP Service Hotline: +49 (0)180 2 020800.