KMP Compatible Toners: 100% Quality & 100% Compatibility

Fits Perfectly

Besides consistently high colour fidelity and the same performance as OEM supplies, demands on the compatibility of KMP ink consumables are particularly high, too. They are the perfect alternative to the OEM product.


100% Quality

KMP toner cartridges are manufactured in accordance with the German industrial standard DIN 33870, inkjet cartridges are remanufactured in accordance with DIN 33871. These DIN standards define quality requirements for recycled inkjet and toner cartridges. To ensure proper functioning and constant high print quality, this standard does not only define significant steps of the recycling process but also suitable test methods for comparative tests between the OEM product and the recycled product. Thanks to this standard, all products manfuctured in accordance with DIN can be compared objectively.


100% Compatible

Each KMP product is matched exactly to the requirements of the respective printer. Quality and performance meet at least those of the original or even outperform them.